I need some good vibes sent my way...

I'm getting ready to go back into The Little Private Ambulance Service That Could to beg... once again... for my job back.

I'm not above crawling here.

I need to work. I miss the people there, I miss dealing with patients... And I need the money. I really... really...REALLY need the money. Mortgages don't pay themselves, ya know? Unemployment is about to run out.

It's starting to rain, folks.

My *other* love...

And no, I'm not talking about Patrick Dempsey. Although he is terribly yummy.

I'm talking about photography.

I've had a camera in my hands in some way shape or for as long as I can remember. I've worked in photo labs, photography studios, and have done some freelance work. I'm NOT a professional in that I don't make my living doing this, although one day I'd love to be able to work solely as a photographer.

This past weekend I shot Pseudo Dad's wedding. It was without a doubt the most fun I've ever had photographing a wedding (other than his daughter's, which I also shot). Shooting a wedding is definitely an adrenaline (er...uhm...epi?) rush. It definitely got my heart pumping. I felt like I ran a marathon the next day. Normally I'm pretty calm. Calm was nowhere in sight last weekend.

The pictures turned out beautifully, it helps when you have a gorgeous Bride to work with. The pictures kind of set themselves up.

The couple is obnoxiously cute together... Some couples aren't. I've had couples simply fall to pieces as soon as the cake is cut. A Bride wearing red velvet wedding cake on a $2,000 dress does NOT make her a happy bride. I've had a Maid-Of-Honor take off with the wedding rings because she's pissed at the Bride. I've seen the ENTIRE Grooms party show up to the wedding so hung over that I had concerns about someone throwing up during the service or passing out during the pictures, again, not a way to make your new Bride happy.

Without revealing too much in the way of identifiable information, here's a few of my favorite shots, from this weekend and a few others.

Fricking Fleas.

Future Cardiologist's legs still look horrific... From day to day it changes, some days they look practically healed, some days they look like hamburger meat. His last appointment was with a dermatologist who informed me that he wasn't "Hypersensitive to Mostquito Bites" like I had been told by countless experts, they were flea bites.

Flea Bites? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????

She Who Rules, Mr. Epi Junky, and myself don't have as much as a single mostquito bite on us, let alone countless flea bites. I had never seen a flea on Mange the cat, not even once, in the five years we've had her. And Future Cardiologist is deathly afraid of her. That cat and my son are seldom in the same room.

Could I be that clueless? How could I not know that my son has been eaten alive by fleas?


Apparently I have been. An angel emailed me and suggested I give the cat a bath and comb her while she's in the water. Apparently the evil bastards don't like this and make themselves known pretty quickly as they jump ship and drown miserable deaths.

I now have a new pastime. I've become borderline psychotic on these fleas. In the last few days I've flea bombed. Had the cat dipped. And layed down flea traps and a nice Borax/Diatomacious Earth mixture. I counted several drowning fleas.

"Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"

There's a nice movie quote for you :) And actually, I'm counting on the little bastards moving. Makes them easier to decapitate. I've definitely seen the number of them go down, even in just a few days.

Unfortunately they continue to feast on my son, which just makes me sick. The dermatologist suggested I spray him with bug spray (Does he not know what DEET does to a human??? Okay, so I'm *lightly* spraying him.) and put flea collars on his legs until I get the fleas out. I refuse to put flea collars around his ankles. Jesus Christ. From everything I've read they don't really work anyway.

Maybe I should go buy a few flea collars.

I could just cry for him right now, he's on on multiple drugs which make him either wired or extremely sleepy, he's on a steroid cream... He's getting teased at school, and he's making excuses to stay home. Which is not like him at all. We have another doctors appointment tomorrow. I'm actually considering going to my mom's house with him to stay until the fleas are gone.


We have fleas.

Just when Future Cardiologist's legs are starting to look human... A day and a half before I'm supposed to be going out of town to shoot a friend's wedding... And now I have to rip my house apart and bomb and treat for fleas.

Any advice?

I will never forget.

Six years later and my heart still hurts.

A little Peyton for my girls....

Okay, so i'm a little twisted, but I LOVE this skit from SNL.

I *heart* him.

I promise to have something interesting and thought provoking tomorrow. I swear.

A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver: Sumdood's Army

If there is anyone reading this who doesn't read AD's blog, you absolutely MUST read this one.

A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver: Sumdood's Army

Anyone who has ever worked in, around, or with an ER will love this. Priceless.

Guess who's heading back to school???

*Stupid grin*

I'm heading back to medic school tomorrow. I have to repeat the last Module, but it's not the end of the world.

Someone said something to me a few weeks ago that snapped me out of my "Oh WOE is ME" funk.

"Will you be a Medic at the end of December or not?"

I will. WHEEEEEEEEE! Living the dream :)

It's going to be the longest four months of my frickin' life, but I didn't come this far to stay a Basic.