Hypersensitivity to Mosquito Bites

I'm just wondering if anyone reading has come across anyone with a hypersensitivity to mosquito bites.

My son's legs are straight out of a horror movie. I've been dosing him up with Benedryl, which made him (understandably) very tired, and then tried 10mg of Claritin (i probably spelled that wrong)... Neither do much.

I've had him initially in the Peds ER, followed by his Pediatrician, followed by the allergist, and now we're going to the dermatologist. Every single one of them has given me a different diagnosis. The one that makes the most sense so far is a hypersensitivity to mosquito bites.

I found out a few weeks ago that doing a search online for "Hypersensitivity to Mosquito Bites" is a bad idea for a worried mom.

I can't even begin to describe what my baby boy's legs look like. From his knees down he has LITERALLY a hundred scabs. Not a hundred mosquito bites. From my (limited) medical knowledge it seems like he gets hives, and scratches them until they bleed. I coat that kid in bug spray if he's out after four in the afternoon. I'm meticulous about it.

It's so bad that the poor kid can't start school in shorts because of it. Tonight I found toilet paper in the garbage from where he was wiping blood off of his bleeding legs. Apparently the loratadine isn't working. And at the tender age of seven he's so afraid of doctors that he wont tell me he's itchy. See my post about why you shouldn't lie to a seven year old for more information on that.

I'll post a pic of his legs tomorrow.


nannyogg42@gmail.com said...

Aww, that sucks.

One of my kids had very bad eczema for a few years, and it just is heart breaking to see your kid scratch till they bleed :(

Healing vibes to him, I hope you find the solution fast.

{{{ HUGS }}} to you and him!


Hammer said...

My son gets them the size of golf balls. Benedryl spray and pills help some.

I have to spray them with childrens off with deet it gets so bad.

Hope they get better soon.

Tonya said...

Awwwww......hope he feels better soon. *HUGS*

dlhj said...
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danny said...

Ugh, I hate mosquitoes. I'm 13, and when I get them, they get pretty darn big, usually an inch or two in diameter. They always have. The best thing I've found for them is to apply rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.

Hope your son gets better :)

PS: The comment above this one was me, but I messed up.

Medic 61 said...

This past september, I got bit over 150 times by mosquitos. After that, any bite I get becomes huge and infected and stuff like that. The doctor said that I got bit so many times last year that I developed a hypersensitivity. I definitely feel for your son :( Hope he gets less itchy soon!

ERnursey said...

Give him super B complex vitamin, the insects don't like you when you take it.