Happy Halloween :)

Took the kiddies to my Mom's house for some gooooooood trick or treating (everyone knows the good stuff gets passed out in the nicer neighborhoods) :)

The photographer in me is kicking my inner child's butt for not getting a shot of my kids candy bags, the pumpkins, the insane displays some of these houses had...

I did, however, get this fabulously mediocre shot of a tree with some red, orange and yellow leaves. Something about it made me smile.

She Who Rules The House was dressed as Mulan, and Future Cardiologist was a pirate.

All three of us have been ill this week with the creeping crud (YES, that IS the medical term for it!), but we still managed to hang in there. Mr EpiJunky stayed behind with my Step Dad and passed out candy and terrorized small children.

With the new time change this year it was the first year ever that we were able to trick or treat with some daylight... The weather was kind to us, a little windy, but no winter coats and gloves this year, and most importantly, NO RAIN.

Future Cardiologist and My little Brother, The Responsible One

My Mom and She Who Rules

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NannyOgg said...

No rain is always good.

I remember one year when it actually SNOWED on halloween here in New England. We were soooooooo cold, and of course the kids wanted to go out anyway.

Today was beautiful for us too, I am glad when the weather gods approve of Halloween.

I love the Mulan costume, so cute!