Meme self tagged from Hammer...

List 5 things that you consider an accomplishment but might be considered lame by others.

1. I was named Ohio DECA High School student of the year.

2. I won a years tuition at a local community college by winning a trivia competition.

3. I consider every test I took and passed in Medic school an accomplishment.

4. I photographed and scrapbooked every major (and minor) event of my son's first three years.

5. I'm an excellent public speaker thanks to a high school teacher. I've given speeches on free enterprise to the local Rotary Club, Shriners, and several professional women's groups.



Unknown said...

Wow at accomplishment 4.

If not for my blog, Sylvia wouldn't have ANY notes about her babyhood.

I scrapbooked till Tim was born, and then somehow life got a tiny bit too overwhelming and I am now slowly coming up for air, fourteen years later :)


none said...

Very cool and not one bit lame.

The scrap books are really important when kids get older.