My second day of work and I was asked to be in a commercial :)

Not as a dispatcher, mind you, but as a patient.

The gentleman who hired me was the "white shirt" in the shot, and there was another guy there as well.

I bet after ten takes of loading my big ass into that ambulance they wished they had picked someone else. Then again, a few of the other options, maybe not.

I probably look like some crazed maniac in the shots... I was trying my best to not laugh and not look at the camera or my new boss, but failed miserably. All this from a pseudo photographer. I knew better but couldn't help it.

Can't wait to share some footage :)

At least I looked good. I was a cute crazed maniac :)


Unknown said...

Crazed maniac sounds good.

Gratz on being a superstar!


Epijunky said...

It's the little things :)

Thank you Karen!

Fyremandoug said...

I personally LIke Crazed .....You never know where its coming from.

Constance said...

Cute crazed maniacs always get a break :)
glad that you looked good in the commenrcial, Epijunky !

danny said...

Crazed maniacs are awesome! But to get asked to be in a commercial on your second day of work? That's amazing.

david mcmahon said...

Terrific to hear - looking forward to seeing a clip of the superstar!