Another day another partner.

Today was my first day with New Partner (I've yet to come up with a name for him... I'm working on it.). It was... Not as expected.

I am not a new EMT. Why do I all of a sudden feel like a new EMT? Hell, my biggest complaint about Sleepy Partner was that at times I felt like I had to do my job and his. Today I felt like New Partner was doing his job and mine. I wasn't unmotivated. I was doing my best. I was a little intimidated, but not because he was trying to be intimidating, he just is. Does that make sense? He's a big guy and can lift more than any person should be able to lift, He's a great EMT (He'd make a fantastic Medic), and he's a good guy. He's seasoned. He's good.

I'm just feeling all over the place. Add to that the fact that my leg hurt like hell and it made for a shitty day. I went to my chiropractor after my shift and bawled my eyes out. Thank God he's as good a Counselor as he is a Chiropractor. I think I love him. If he could make my leg feel better I'd actually get myself pregnant and name the baby after him. Boy or not. It's going to get better, I know.

I went to the local health store and got some Valarian Root extract. Daaaamn Hammer, you weren't kidding. It does smell like feet. Doesn't taste much better either. Hoping it works.

Praying it works.

Tomorrow is another day.


Unknown said...

Healing vibes your way!
That leg sounds pretty miserable :(


Epijunky said...

The sciatic nerve is a miserable thing to have pinched in two places. I do my best not to complain about it, but I can only do so much.

Thanks, Karen... :)