OHHHHH my back...

I am NOT a graceful person.

Sure, I've taken years of dance lessons, played several sports, but that doesn't mean much when it's five in the morning and you haven't slept well. In a state of sleep deprivation I slipped and fell down several stairs.

All on my left side.

This was three days ago. Initially I didn't think I was hurt... My elbow was killing me to the point of considering calling in Lifeflight (okay, i'm being sarcastic, but still), but everything else seemed to be in working order. So much so that I actually worked two days, both 12 hour shifts, because I felt fine.

Until this morning. Coincidentally, the day we were celebrating my She Who Rules third birthday.

I woke up with my back feeling "stiff". I did some stretches and went on my merry way. By noon I was having spasms in my back that ran from my hip down to my knee. I started swallowing ibuprofen. By 1600 I was to the point where I knew an ER visit would be in my future.

Sure enough, within an hour I was visiting the local ER. Not my proudest moment, and I apologized continuously to anyone who would listen.... I didn't belong in an ER, but due to the hour of the day and the fact that I was supposed to work tomorrow (not to mention the fact that I could't get myself upright), I was forced to go.

Fast forward four hours.

Two shots in my back and a percocet later, I'm upright, but I feel like someone stuck a hot poker in my backside...Not fun. An unplanned vacation is in my future while my back muscles heal. Yay.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Ouch, Feel Better!! I fell on ice a few months back, and it didn't "hit" me to two days later. Weird isn't it??

Happy B-Day to your wee one too!

Fyremandoug said...

Dear, Please take care of your back you will miss it whene its gone

NannyOgg said...

{{{ HUGS }}} and many healing vibes your way!


Medic 61 said...

Oh Epi! I'm so sorry to hear that! I do hope your back heals quickly...sleeping partner will miss you, I'm sure! :)

Take care of yourself lady!

danny said...

Owch Epi :(
I hate stairs, possibly for that very reason. I hope ye feel better soon!