Christmas Card Nominee #1, POTD

While I'm waiting to hear about these EMS jobs, I figured it was probably time to take the annual Christmas Picture for our cards. I want to try a few different things, here is today's nominee.
It's not my best photoshop job, I want to try something simliar tomorrow, but with a few more smiling faces.


Unknown said...

Wow, at least you are thinking about christmas cards. I am still in the stage of 'Some day I really should take some pictures and maybe I will mail out cards'.

I like this one, I think it's good enough of a photoshop job.

Maybe we should set up the chrismas tree soon.


RevMedic said...

Nice job! Doesn't make you cringe, though - twice as many kids?

Epijunky said...

Karen, it's by freak luck that I'm sending them out this year at all. If I weren't working at a photo lab it wouldn't be happening.

Rev... After reading your comment, I couldn't agree more :)