We got the Wii...

Yes, we got it.


And after some drama on Ebay, I got it for what it goes for off the shelf.

Not 500 bucks, but half that.

And I picked up Carnival Games as well.

Anyone else out there have it? If you do can you recommend a good game for a seven year old?


none said...

The wii play and wii sports are what I bought. they are loads of fun.

Don't get sonic or spiderman.. pure suckage.

Epijunky said...

Wii Play... I need to look at that one...

I was looking for one more that we could all enjoy. I'll check it out :)

Thanks Ham :)

EE said...

Might I suggest a shooting game?


Epijunky said...

Yeah... something like Cabella's Big Game Hunter?


Sick thing is, she'd LOVE it.

ERnursey said...

Oh dangit, I am so jealous, I want a Wii so bad LOL. I will just wait a couple months until the artificial, manufacturer created shortage disappears and they are once again plentiful and $249. But gosh I want to play Wii sports ;)

Merry Christmas.

Epijunky said...

Oh ma GOSH!

I have a comment from ERNursey.

:) I'm SUCH a frickin' geek. I think very highly of you and am honored that you posted a comment.

I stumbled across that Wii by sheer luck. After I found it (three days ago) I've seen them in three different stores.

If you lived nearby I'd invite you over for a margarita and some Wii bowling (or SKI BALL!! We bought the carnival game...)

Thank you for posting... I'm seriously honored.

EE said...

"something like Cabella's Big Game Hunter" exactly!

EE said...

One of the nurses just got her son the Cabella's game...I just played with it...highly recommended.

(Yup, I'm on call, parked the ambulance in front of their house...hehe.)

Epijunky said...

I am so impressed with you parking the ambulance in front of someone's house while you played Cabela's!

You and I would get along just fine.