for the love of all that is HOLY.....


Okay, I feel a little bit better.

Today has been the day from hell. Honestly it has.

Mr Epi and the kiddies have gone out of town to stay with his Mom and Grandmother.

I'm here in the armpit of Ohio because as we all know, when one works in retail one does not get to take days off during the Christmas season. I'm pretty okay with this as I kind of clash with my MIL and her Mother (it's the typical "No-one-is-good-enough-for-my-son/grandson" syndrome... It doesn't matter that we've been married for nine years).

Moving on. They've been gone since Wednesday afternoon. When they left, everyone was healthy and happy. Wednesday night my son comes down with some nasty bug. He vomits the entire night. I chalk it up to a stomach bug.

Day two. no one is sick. All is right in the world.

Day three. Shortly after lunch, Mr Epi starts vomiting. Half an hour later, the two year old starts throwing up. FOUR MINUTES LATER Grandma is throwing up.

When I finally was able to call Mr Epi he was so sick he couldn't put a coherent sentence together. No one had taken his temperature, or She Who Rules...

And I'm stuck here. My babies are all sick and I'm stuck here. And apparently no one is taking care of them. Three plus hours away.

I'm sick just thinking about it. I made him promise to find a thermometer and take his temp and the little ones. I made him yell for his mom to find the thermometer while I was still on the phone.

I need a margarita.

EDITED TO ADD: as of 10:49pm Mr Epijunky's Mom is now vomiting as well. The adults in the family still swear it's the stomach flu and are all but pointing the finger at my seven year old who was originally ill.

I still haven't had a margarita, but I'm settling for a Bud Light.


CrankyProf said...

I completely understand the whole "My babies are sick and I'm not there" feeling. HOWEVER--- you just know you'd be wiping MIL and GMIL's butt's too.

Sounds like a norovirus, or something. It went through my son;s preschool two weeks ago, and he was one of three who didn't get it. I guess letting them eat dirt strengthens the immune system.

Unknown said...

awwwwww, I hope they all feel better soon!

And have a margarita for sure!


Epijunky said...

Cranky Prof... The mental image you planted was... wrong. But it made me laugh out loud and even snort a little.

On second thought I'm GLAD I wasn't there.

Thanks for putting things into perspective.

Epijunky said...

Oh Karen...

Thanks for posting :) After checking in with them numerous times, they're all still very much alive, albeit a little weak. My two year old I worry about the most. I was reassured by the sound of her screeching and basically tearing through the house the last time I called.