You have to wonder what the electric bill looks like... Photo(s) of the Day

It's insanity, it's gaudy as hell, and it HAS to piss off the neighbors.

And I love it.

It's been a Christmas tradition of mine for the couple of years, a trip across town, to see "The House on Holly Street".

I guess their theory is, if you're going to do Christmas lights, do it right.

I should add that I had to line up behind five other cars to take my turn in front of the house. On a weeknight yet. Apparently it's not just my annual tradition.


Hammer said...

Good lord! It looks like an 80's EGA video game.


Epijunky said...

I'm telling ya... the only thing more impressive than pictures is sing it in real life.

It's insane.

Merisi said...

That homeowner also has a sense of humor! Thank you for sharing this, quite delightful. I miss our gawking tours back in Washington DC, there were some wonderful gems we loved to return to every year.
Here the electricity is so much more expensive, private houses are not decorated as lavishly with lights.