Mama's got a brand new bag :) And a frame too.

These are a few of my favorite gifts this Christmas:

It's GORGEOUS... In that geeky wanna be photographer kind of way. It's a smallish camera bag, but big enough to hold my camera body, a few lenses, a flash and my SD cards, and extra batteries. It's larger than it looks. (Oddly enough "That's what HE said" just popped into my head... Don't mind me...) Either way, it works for when I don't want to lug the "suitcase" around with me.

Thank You to my absolutely FANTASTIC Father-In-Law and his wife!!!

This frame is a work of art in itself.

You might have noticed that my brother decided to "add" something to this frame in the form of words written on the inserts. His reasoning "I was bored, and she (motioning to his new wife) left me alone on a Friday night."

(Transcribed for your enjoyment...)

"I haven't laughed in a long time... but ever since I joined (EpiJunky) I have new hope. We all have a reason to laugh and smile again."

What the HELL? *tilts head sideways*

"(Epijunky) saved my life once. She is the greatest warrior I have ever seen!"

Hehehe Check me out. I'm a flippin' WARRIOR! Not just any warrior, but the GREATEST warrior he's ever seen! Oh yeah, and my brother is obviously smoking crack.

"I heard (Epijunky) is recruiting people to join her army in efforts to take over the world... Should I join?"

Okay, darling baby brother, you've officially lost your mind. But I like you. You may be the only insane person I've met who knows what they're talking about.

"I'm joining! I'd follow her into the gates of hell! Woo HA!"

Over hill over dale as we hit the dusty trail, and the caisson's go rolling along! Folks I have an ARMY of picture frame models willing to join my cause. (What's my cause again?)

Post Script--I should probably mention that my brother is a very level headed 27 year old insurance claim adjuster who has never been on any illegal drugs that I'm aware of.


NannyOgg said...


I want a brother like that ^^

Hmmm, none of my brothers gave me a christmas present, but I got a card, does that count?

Of course, dutch people don't really do christmas presents for family, but that's not the point, is it?


Medic 61 said...

I love that frame so much! Your brother sounds like someone I'd be friends with, haha! Is he the Redskins fan?
Oh, and tell him that I knew the 'skins would come through for us...wiped the floor with those Cowboys!