A Conversation With My Father...

Alternately titled... "Prepare for the cerebral beatdown"

Epi: Hey Dad... How are you?
Dad: I'm doing okay, yourself?
Epi: Well I'm working, so you know... Living the dream and all that.
Dad: (laughs)
Epi: So... Dad... I was wondering if you wanted to go shoot with me.
Dad: (laughing again) Go shoot with you? Who do you want to shoot?
Epi: I don't want to shoot anyone. Well, maybe I do. Actually I was thinking about going out to the farm and shooting out there.
Dad: Epi, you couldn't handle my handgun.
Epi: (aside, to Partner McHottie) Which guns did I shoot of yours?
McHottie: The .44 and the AK.
Epi: Dad, I've shot a .44, an AK, and an M16.
McHottie: And you've hit actual targets with them. You're not bad.
Dad: But... Girls shouldn't shoot guns.

And CUT.....

Seriously... What the HELL? I"m making an effort to do something with him. I'm making an effort to spend time with him. And all he can come up with is that "Girl's shouldn't shoot guns?"


Way to go, Dad.


Evil Transport Lady said...

"But... Girls shouldn't shoot guns." hahahaha not in my house! Your dad needs to open his closed mind. Sorry you went thru that, maybe he'll come around.

.. said...

It is scary how much I hear you... I was expected to be a "lady" and do the inside chores, was not allowed to use the riding mower, and I most definitely shouldn't take hunters safety or shoot guns. Ladies don't do that. Maybe that is why I have gone off the deep end and get dirty as often as possible.

Fyremandoug said...

I am sorry but girls should have guns and shoot the hell out of them ...let me talk to your Dad and Ill set him strait.

Medic61 said...

Uh, that's super lame. If anyone should be shooting guns, it's girls--forget self-defense, it's fun when you're PMSing!

EE said...

I won't say what I want to say.

I assure you it involves cuss words and something along the lines of shoving my boot up your dad's hind quarters. Sorry.

If you're ever in TX look me up, I'll take you to the coolest range ever.

overactive-imagination said...

But....you tried, that's what's important. You'll at least have the peace of knowing that you tried. Never stop trying even if it's doing something different together...do it. I'd give anything if I'd have only tried harder, before it was too late, to do things with my Mom.
Good for you and I hope your Dad takes you up on one of your offers, no matter what it is.