This week... Catching up.

I am *almost* officially pain free. Damn you sciatic nerve.. I hope you rot in hell. At least I can sit on my backside now. My foot still feels like it's asleep pretty much all day long, but at least I'm not walking like a 95-year-old arthritic with a stick up her ass.

McHottie partner *did* actually get his hair cut. Which means the insurgent hairs in his muttonchops are no more. And they supplied me with hours of amusement, so... Guess I'll have to resort to having an actual conversation with my partner.

EMS week was fantastic this year. It's probably a little more than sad that we get excited over free bagels and room temperature cream cheese. Hey, at least the company I work for gave us lovely duffel bags that (oddly enough) resemble the bags one of our local dialysis clinics give their patients. Between that and the key chains, travel coffee mugs, and pens... Epi cleaned up this week :)

I had a surprising number of actual "sick" patients in the last few weeks. I've had runs ranging from someone with no palpable pulse or BP with apneic episodes to head injuries to someone completely unresponsive with cheynes-stokes respirations.

We had a 550 lb patient who LITERALLY was as wide as he was tall. Sleepy Partner and his new partner were sent to help us lift. He looks to be doing well and it was really good to see him. While we were lifting he knocked one of the slippers off of our patient and a CLOUD of dried dead skin wafted up into my face. He laughed hysterically. I tasted evil that day.

The kiddos are doing so well. She Who Rules is talking a mile a minute (most of it about "Choo-Choo trains" and "Princesses") and Future Cardiologist is currently playing Trauma Center on the Wii. No worries, he's supervised :) He's out of school pretty soon... Let the fun begin.

My sister in law... First of all let me thank everyone once again who sent prayers her way. She's been released from the hospital and has no physical deficits from "the incident". I wish I could say she's in an inpatient program getting the help she needs, but I'd be... Only telling a half truth. I have many opinions on what's going on here, but I'm not able to share them now.

I had the opportunity to work tomorrow for double time and turned it down. YAY ME :) I plan on spending it with the kiddos and the rest of the family.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend... Just don't forget the reason for it.

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