Epi and the haunted station...

The creepiness factor alone ranks this station as one of my least favorite places to work out of.

The building is old. It's in disrepair (quite the understatement). Some crews say it's haunted.

View from the "Dark Room" (02-08 Epijunky)
The "Dark Room" is the only room where there is not much in the way of light (Hence the name, folks!). It's also the only room where I felt uncomfortable. I kept hearing this scratching sound that gave me chills. In reality I'm sure it was a jumbo sized sewer rat.

Paint Job (02-08 Epijunky)
Yikes, I hope it's lead free! Somehow I doubt it, and it *would* explain a lot when it comes to a few of my coworkers.

Under Construction (02-08 Epijunky)
At one point in time (and we're talking a VERY long time ago) This was home to one of the wealthiest women in Ohio. Hard to believe it looking at it now. I would LOVE to see pictures of it back in it's day. (I've done some research online and haven't come across much as far as photographs dating back that far)

Talk To Me (02-08 Epijunky)
Not really sure why I took an interest in this. Maybe it was the crystal clear glass surrounding the older metal. Can't imagine the last time it was used for it's true purpose (as opposed to a change holder. See the dime stuck in there?).

Ghost Of Me (02-08 Epijunky)
There was something that happened during my short tour of the station... As I was walking through this large room with a mirror on one wall I caught a glimpse of someone behind me. Scared the shit out of me. Turns out it was me, reflected in a broken mirror. I could have gotten a little more philosophical here, but I'm lacking the creativity :)


Odie said...

that is a GREAT picture of you in the mirror...

Epijunky said...

Hey, I'm rocking that uniform :)

Evil Lunch Lady said...

OOOOOO spooky;)

Nice blog BTW:)

And the pics are great also:)

Epijunky said...

Evil Lunch Lady: Thanks for the comment :) I appreciate it!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Awesome pic! That's really artistic. I envy people who are lucky and talented enough to catch shots like that!