Views from the front seat (POTD)

Today was a good day at work. 12 (actually, 13) hours can fly by when you have a partner that makes you laugh.

Nothing terribly notable today other than the weather. It was wild, we had winds come through, constantly attempting to knock us into other lanes. Then the snow hit.

Epijunky 02-18-08

Luckily the snow didn't last long.

Seven more transfers later we headed home. The view was like night and day.

Epijunky 2-18-08

I saw something today that I haven't seen in quite awhile.


Sure, the sun was setting, but I'll take it.

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EE said...

Awesome pictures.

When it snows here all ambulances are out, all day until the roads clear. Back to back wrecks, often time patients are trapped, waiting for us.

It's a lot of fun.