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There's no way I could have put my thoughts into words any better than The Angry Pharmacist.

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If there's one thing in the world that infuriates me to no end it's ignorance.

I want to believe that most people on welfare/Medicaid are using it legitimately. They're truly in need and working to better themselves.

Then there are those who work the system.

They take their kids to free daycare then promptly go home where they watch soap operas and eat bon bon's.

They call 911 for fucking LINT IN THEIR EYE because they have "full coverage insurance" (his words, not mine) and don't want to waste the gas in the tank of their $30,000 car. (That brings me to something that just boggles my mind. Who approves a loan for a fucking Lexus when the person has no income of their own and relies on assistance?)

They whine and bitch when they have to pay a three dollar copay at the ER.

They live more comfortably off of welfare than myself and my family. We have two incomes. We work between 40 and 60 hours a week (sometimes more). All of my base pay goes to pay for daycare for my two children. My OVERTIME goes towards bills.

So help me GOD I will fucking snap the next time I go into a home decked out with a 60 inch wall mounted TV complete with Bose surround sound and a Hummer parked out front to take someone to the ER with Medicaid because they have a cold/toothache/ingrown toenail. Doubly so if their entire extended family follows behind the ambulance in the aforementioned Hummer. Okay, I may not snap on the outside, but I'll certainly laugh out loud when you get pissed because I'm told to park your ass in the waiting room.

(Disclaimer: As I said in the beginning, I truly believe that the majority of people on assistance are trying to make their lives better. This rant is directed to those who are working the system.)


none said...

I've seen everything you mentioned.

Ever peek inside a grocery cart of someone who pays with food stamps?

They don't buy generic.

Anonymous said...

Who approves a loan for a fucking Lexus when the person has no income of their own and relies on assistance?)
Drug money, of course.

none said...

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Make sure the litte brown thing is still on top where the stem attached. If not it will be brown inside.

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Epijunky said...

Thanks Ham... I'm going to make my first attempt at some guac tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

God bless you sweetie. I hauled one for an eyelash in his eye once. Another for "menopause".