Happy Valentine's Day!!!

First and foremost I'd like to wish EVERYONE a wonderful Valentine's Day. Snuggle up with your loved one, and enjoy a long romantic night :)

I'd like to take a second to recognize my wonderful husband, Mr. Epi.

The man who gave me the most wonderful gift in the world, my children. The man who has put up with my teeth grinding, my mood swings, my writing checks and not telling him... The man who reminds me to charge my cell phone and grabs my ass in the same sentence. The man who has made countless dinners when I've been at school, The man who has rubbed my shoulders, The man who put up with me being on CPAP for six whole months (and STILL managed to make me feel hot). The man who encourages me, calms me when I'm scared, and even after nine years, makes me feel like a newlywed.

I love you. I worship the ground you walk on. You are truly my hero. And the best thing that's ever happened to me. (And there's no one in my life who will disagree.)

Your wifey.


Fyremandoug said...

arnt us husbands cool?

Epijunky said...

Yep... Yes you are :)

Hammer said...

Very nice sentiment :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful....esp the part about the CPAP...mine told me after I gained 90 lbs with my pregnancy that I was sexy and he was actually genuine. We may have the last 2 Great Ones!