Playing catch up... And a sledding POTD

I realize it's been awhile since I've posted anything of substance, and I'm sorry... The last shift I worked was last Monday, followed my two days off (I'm currently working 12 hour shifts, two days on two days off) followed by two days at a CEU conference (It really stinks losing two full days pay just so I can pay money to take CE's, but it's my fault... I REALLY don't want my National Registry card to lapse.).

I managed to take my little guy out for his first sledding trip on Saturday. I met up with NuPartner and her daughter and we had a BLAST!

Future Cardiologist (February 2008 - Epijunky)

A quick note about my new partner (I've yet to come up with an appropriate name for her, I'll work on that). She's FANTASTIC. A VERY good, experienced, and patient EMT. She's also highly sarcastic and can reduce me to tears of laughter in the time it takes to say a few words. And she's just as scared of filling the O2 thanks as I am.

There's hope for us yet. Now, to tackle the 02 cascade thingy. Anyone with experience here, feel free to chip in.


Medic61 said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one terrified of the 02 tank refilling thing! Oh god, my partners make so much fun of me, but it scares the bejezes out of me!

And I love the PotD!

EE said...

Hehe, I HATE changing the tanks, I refuse to do it unless I absoluetly have to. So, I make my partner do it, in return s/he doesn't have to get out in the cold (or wind, or heat, whatever) to fill the ambulance up with disel.