Flight Meme...

What I know about aircraft could fit into a very tiny thimble. With room to spare.

I love things that go *ZOOOOOOM*, so here are my top five aircraft choices, for sentimental reasons only.

5) T-3 (T-67) Firefly. A training aircraft that was used up until the late 90's for the USAF and the Air Force Academy. This was a tough choice for me, because the T-3 was responsible for 6 deaths (three cadets, three instructors) at the AFA. The reason I decided to include it was the feeling of euphoria it provided to a very good friend of mine. He worked his ass off for three years to earn the privilege of climbing in that seat. I remember him stressing over everything from his eyesight to his sitting height. I remember the countless hours he spent pouring over manuals and text books... But mostly I remember the sound of his voice when he'd call me after a flight. Joyous. It still brings a smile to my face.

4) Boeing 757. On September 11th 2002, I had to climb onto an airplane for the first time since the tragedy in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. I was traveling with my husband and young son to "The Happiest Place On Earth" for a little R and R with the Mother In Law. I cried for a majority of the two hour flight there. I was terrified. The Boeing 757 was the plane we were flying on. It got me to Tampa, and back to Detroit in one piece relatively unscathed (I'm pretty sure I was drunk by the time I got back to Detroit -- Wish I would have realized I could buy alcohol on the plane for the flight down... Would have been much easier on me :)) Anyway, kudos to the Boeing 757.

3) C-130 Hercules. When I lived in Mansfield our house was about a quarter mile from the end of the runway for the Air National Guard Base (Yes, friends and neighbors, it's a good idea to really investigate your new home when moving to an area you're not familiar with, but that's another blog entirely!). The majority of the aircraft at this base were C130's. I used to LOVE watching them come in to land. I'll never forget the first day I realized where our house was in relation to the flight path... I was driving up the road and a GIGANTIC shadow was moving across the road ahead of me. Scared the hell out of me.

2) ANY Lifeflight helicopter. Seriously. I dont know if I'll EVER get tired of watching the "bird" land or take off. I did a buddy flight last year and it was the most amazing five minutes of my life. Lifeflight in Toledo has two models, the Agusta A109 and the Dauphin.

1) The A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt. How can you not love this ugly thang? :) It's ugly as hell and it packs a ridiculous punch. It's extremely maneuverable, and it was designed for close air support of ground troops. I wouldn't want to get in it's way, that's for sure :)

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