Picture of The Day

I remember the day we closed on our first home. Mr Epi and myself were absolutely giddy. Our first home. Our piece of the American Dream. After living in apartments and duplexes for what felt like an eternity, we were finally going to have our house.

Dream Interrupted (2007, EpiJunky)
Pardon the blurring, we were going close to 80mph at the time I took this.

It was three or four years ago that I first noticed this house on the way up to Ann Arbor. In the following years I think I must have passed it at least a few hundred times. I always wondered why it sat unfinished. What could have happened to keep what was obviously planned to be someone’s American’s Dream from being completed.


david mcmahon said...

We must all dream. We MUST!

emily said...

I actually know this exact house and have wondered the same thing. I too have passed it a million times, something registering in my subconscious, but have never taken the time to think about it at length.