Another New Partner, and one simple question.

Well, my current partner has decided to take a 24 hour shift. And I'm very happy for her. She's easily one of the best Basic's I know, she deserves to move on from a day car.

I only worked with her for a month, but it was the most fun I've ever had at a job. She made the 12 hour shifts fly by, and I've never laughed so hard. (We learned from reading a pamphlet that an Anal Fistula is NOT... I repeat NOT used for dialysis -- It's also not appropriate reading literature while doing a "wait and return")

Anyway, from everything I've heard my new partner is a very capable EMT, and we'll work well together. I've never met her, but I trust the people I've talked to. We'll be fine.

I asked my first "New Partner" (I really need more specific nicknames... I'm referring to the partner who just went to the 24 hour shift) one question.

"Can she lift?"

A simple question, but an important one. It's amazing how vitally important it is (particularly for one's back) to have a partner who can lift a good amount of weight. And lift it properly.

Our patients are getting larger and larger. It's more often than not that we have someone over 300 lbs. I've been both the attendant and on the lift team for folks anywhere up to 870 lbs.

Lifting is important, ya'll.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a few ibuprofen and stick a bag of ice on my aching lumbar region.


NannyOgg said...

i have not been commenting much thanks to too much life going on, but just wanted to say that I have been enjoying your stories, and that I hope your new partner will work out.


Epijunky said...

Oh Karen, no explanation necessary. I understand the life thing, it happens :) Thanks for the kind words.

John-Michael said...

Two magic words for that abused lumbar ... Valerian Root. Natural (stinks like the dickens), and CHEAP!

Was recommended to me by a trainer at the YMCA (also a modern dance troupe member in the Big Apple for years.) "How do you think we dancers manage all of our sprains, pulls, bruised muscles and tendons of all description? Can't have some narcotic zoned out fellow dancer as your partner when you are to fly and be caught. VR relaxes the muscles without the drugged-out pharmaceutical side effects.

Been using it for years now ... fantastic! Take care of that back!

Epijunky said...

Hey John-Michael...

Where do I get Valerian Root? It sounds like exactly what I need.

John-Michael said...

Available at grocery stores, drug stores, anywhere carrying supplements. And did I mention ... CHEAP!!

Seriously, with several herniated discs ... (a natural result of having a son with cerebral palsy ... lifting and moving can not [as you all too well know] always be done "properly.")... I frequently benefit from Valerian Roots' results.

But YOU take care girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha oh no! Believe me, I feel your pain! I don't know what it is about getting new partners but it seems they lift worse and worse than the last! I had a big huge male partner one time that always stuck me on the head end of the stretcher on huge patients. Jerk. Hope your back feels better! I recommend a bubble bath, chocolate, a glass of wine or beer, and a good book!