What bravery looks like. (POTD)

Future Cardiologist at his first dentist appointment of the day.

And at the second.

My son is a wonderful child. He's inquisitive, he's intelligent, he's tenderhearted... I could not possible DREAM of a better child.

Unfortunately for him, he has a mother who tells medical horror stories and assumes he isn't paying attention. As a result he's grown VERY anxious when it comes to medical appointments. Two years ago he got so worked up over a vision appointment that he developed hives and sobbed hysterically when they tried to look at his eyes.

This past weekend he developed a toothache. The toothache turned into a headache, which in turn landed us in a Dentist's chair this morning. (As opposed to an ambulance ride to the ER, but that's another post entirely.) Future Cardiologist is terrified. I PROMISE him that there will be no shots, iv's, or drilling at this appointment. Three things he's not at all comfortable with. He's suspicious, but the Hygienist and Dentist both have an excellent bedside manner.

When a dentist looks at an x-ray and cringes, it does not bode well for the anxious child or for the mother of the anxious child. Just for the record, my child brushes his teeth religiously, and does not consume an abnormal amount of soda or candy. I consider calling a medic friend to see if they can get me some Valium.

The first dentist refers us to the second dentist who specializes in wee little ones.

After a little begging (my child is in PAIN!) I manage to get him into the second Dentist on the same day. It's a busy office, and I'm pleasantly surprised. They also have a mini arcade set up that doesn't require quarters. That's right, folks. Completely free video games. Future Cardiologist is blissful. I'm still considering the Valium. With a Versed chaser.

To make a long post shorter, Future Cardiologist did fantastically :) I am so very proud. Without going into the gory details, he has to have dental surgery at a local hospital I am VERY familiar with. He'll be in excellent hands. We had a little talk on the way home from the second dentist and he started crying.

Me: What's wrong, baby? Why are you crying?
Future Cardiologist: *wailing* I don't want an IV!!!!
Me: Baby, it'll be okay... I promise... You won't even feel it.
FC: What if someone like YOU has to start it???
Me: Honey, they're not going to let me start an IV on you.
FC: *giggling through tears* Good, because you suck at it. Oh, is "suck" a bad word?
Me: Oh for the love of God. What's wrong with you?

He's brave, and smart.


Anonymous said...

LOL it'll wear off....my BFF's 8 yo can pretty much read rhythm strips and generally is a nuisance to her teacher in her elementary health class. That's what happens when your mommy is a paramedic instructor! I realized I had had my ex-husband's dtr around the FD too long when she was standing between 2 trucks and one of the guys asked her what the diff between 2 engines was (he was looking for her to say that there was a ladder on this one and not on the other-due to interior ladder racks) and she told him one had a gated Y and the other had a steamer valve.....I was ROFLMAO

danny said...

It's not feeling the IV that bothers me. It's the thought of having a needle in me. And the blood, too. Just makes me want to hide in a bathroom somewhere.

Lauren said...

Hahahaha. He's super cute. I like how he dissed your IV skills.

Thanks for checking out my blog, by the way. :)