Go visit Sam (aka Medic 61)

No, seriously, if you haven't visited her Blog over at On The Clock, you must. She's unbelievably talented with her writing and her skills as a medic.

She just put up a post that ripped my heart out. Go check her out.


Odie said...

are they one in the same? Medic61 = DM?

or am i the only goober out there with ANOTHER blog on my list of daily reads with a leading role named Detail Medic

Medic61 said...

Aww, Epi! I didn't mean to rip your heart out at all :(
And yes, I do have an amazing partner. Even Eric, who antagonizes me beyond belief (and whom readers love to hate) is a really good partner.

But I don't think I'm DM :P I'm Medic 61, hehe!

Epijunky said...

They are most definitely different.


I posted after I took some Tylenol PM and goofed a bit.