Another meme, this time from Hammer.

I know that a lot of folks aren't huge fans of memes. I like them when they're a little more creative and give you the opportunity to put thought into it. This is one of those.

I am : First and foremost a Mother. Everything else is secondary.

I think : People need to talk less and listen more.

I know : That the things I used to think were so important, really weren't.

I want : More than anything... Stability, honesty, and to laugh again.

I have : In the past made some horrible decisions, but I have no regrets. They're all learning experiences.

I wish : I had gotten into EMS ten years sooner.

I hate : Feeling like I have to apologize for insignificant things. I'm working on this.

I miss : The warm feeling I'd get whenever my Grandma would cook for my Brother and I.

I fear : Failing. Failing my children as a parent, primarily.

I feel : Right now, absolute exhaustion. Mental and physical.

I hear : That a 24-hour shift is coming my way soon!

I smell : Clean. Like soap, shampoo and soap. And like lilacs courtesy of Bath and Body Works.

I crave : Good Chinese food. As opposed to the crap I attempted to eat for lunch today.

I search : Most mornings for my keys.

I wonder : Where I'll be in five years.

I regret : Absolutely nothing. It's all a learning experience.

I love : My babies. And a few others as well.

I ache : At the end of most shifts. And pretty much any time I do yard work.

I am not : A shy person. Normally.

I believe : God put me here to do what I can for people, while I'm with them.

I dance : Like no one is watching. More often than not when no one is actually watching.

I sing : Cliche'd songs at karaoke. And at very loud volumes while driving alone.

I cry : More than I'd like to admit.

I don't always : Remember to sign my run reports. This gets me in a lot of trouble.

I fight : Like a rabid wolverine when my children are involved.

I write : Because it distracts me.

I win : At tic-tac-toe... If I'm playing my 3-year-old.

I lose : My mind when I encounter stupid drivers. Which unfortunately is often.

I never : Pass up a "teachable moment" when my kids are involved.

I always : Wear gloves when with a patient. Always. And if yesterday's events are any indication I'll do this for the rest of my EMS career.

I confuse : Colonel and Corporal. It made me a very sore Private in Basic Training.

I listen : To silence. It comforts me.

I can usually be found : Looking for a damn face sheet while at work. At home I'm typically found playing with the kids, doing laundry or typing on the computer.

I am scared : Of raging drunks and violent psych patients. But not *that* scared.

I need : More joy in my life. And significantly less stress.

I am happy : Just to know that my kids are happy. I'm happy when I feel like I've made a difference. I'm happy when I can make someone smile.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Nice meme:) I love these things:)

Hammer said...

Cool answers. I find myself nodding my head at a lot of these that I'm relating to.

Bob said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

EE said...

You didn't tag anyone. Lame.