I feel old.

Dental Hygienist: (poking my teeth with some pointy thing) Almost done, Epi... You're doing great!

Epi: Ahhhohehhhuhhhhh

Dental Hygienist: Okay, rinse.

Epi: (Rinses and spits and watches TV) Holy cow... The B52's are still together?

Dental Hygienist: Who?

Epi: You know... The B52's.

DH: (Blank stare)

Epi: Oh come ON!!! The B52's... You know... Rock Lobster?

DH: (Tilts her head to the side)

Epi: Love Shack? *screeching* Tiiiiiiin Roof.... rusted...

DH: Never heard of them.

Epi: *exasperated* Nevermind hon.

DH: Okay, Epi... Open wide, now we do the bottom teeth.

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Tony said...

That's kind of sad. For what it's worth, I'm 25 and know who they are.