Posting Downtown...

To the North: An abandoned warehouse. The bay door is open. No signage, no idea when the last time a human was there to take care of the building. The weeds are overgrown and the paint is peeling.

To the West: A security company (How's that for irony?), fenced in parking lot, complete with razor wire looping across the top of the fence.

To the South: Lucky Duck Mini Mart. Advertising ice cold beer, wine, lotto, check cashing, and of course fashions. In that order. At least five gang members hang out in front. Don't ask me how I know they're gang members... I went to an inner city public high school.

To the East: Central Street Mission. Six or seven folks milling about outside, talking, laughing and playing cards.

The sun was hiding behind the clouds, a gentle mist was falling... making it just difficult enough to see through my glasses... Why in the hell did I choose today to wear glasses?

I'm thirsty. And McHottie is insisting we move to a safer post before I venture out to purchase a bottle of water. At first I laugh at him. (Honestly, I was laughing). When a verbal argument break out in front of the Lucky Duck, I decide he *might* know what he's talking about.

Scene Safety applies even when you're thirsty apparently.


RevMedic said...

In my new job, at least 2 posts are immediately next to strip clubs. I'm really wondering what people think when they drive by, and wonder what management was thinking when they decided "Hey! Our ambulances will look really good in that soft neon glow, right below where it says 'Exotic Dancers'..."

Fyremandoug said...


Always Protect Yuor Ass First

then you can pull your buddy to safety and patch him up


Gertrude said...

That is priceless. Have you installed a brass pole in the back yet?


That reminded me that everytime I wear my glasses to work it rains. And about how I always stop at the sketchy store by my station to hit the ATM. It amazes the guys everytime I do it.