Hot. With a chance of hotter.

It was hot.

The kind of hot that is described as "miserable", "blistering", and "oppressive".

The kind of temperature where you can taste the thick air.

Your hair is damp, your uniform sticks to you, and you begin to wonder why it is that you said you loved the summertime and being able to be outside. You pray for wind, and when the wind picks up you realize it just feels warmer.

The dispatchers are sending out multiple pages begging you to drink water. You'd love to get an ice cold bottle of water, but there are too many runs on the board, and therefore, no time to stop at the carryout for that ice cold reprieve.

You start to get cranky. Really cranky.

You start cursing everyone at your company who gets paid more than you. You start to curse the dispatchers who are sitting in their little air conditioned cocoons sipping on their frappuccino's.

You find yourself casting long gazes at the ponds situated nearby the local hospitals. They wouldn't put life preservers out there if they didn't expect you to go swimming, right? RIGHT? Surely the random water fowl won't mind sharing the pond...

You find yourself praying for rain. Any amount of rain.

You start to look forward to washing the truck at the end of the shift because there is cold water involved.

Your patients start complaining about how hot it is in the back of the truck WITH the A/C turned on full blast.

Your morning cup of coffee that's been cold for hours is now warm again.

EVERYTHING smells worse because of the heat. Including you.

Yes, it was THAT hot over the last two days.


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I'm sending cold thoughts your way, I had to go to Alaska to find some!

Ambulance Driver said...


Somebody call that girl a wambulance. ;)

Epijunky said...

Evil Lunch Lady: Alaska was looking pretty good yesterday by about three in the afternoon :)

AD: Ya think you're funny there Mister? You know it's not a good idea to tease hot sweaty northern girls, right :)

Medic61 said...

Dude, I almost died in the heat today. It was ridiculous. Aaaand my uniform shirt is SO I'm swimming in this huge shirt in the oppressive heat.

Wanted to keel over and die.

Thought of you all shift though! (I had a cute partner hehe!)

Carol said...

Working in the heat is no fun. I did it in Florida and the only good thing was I stayed thin for years!

And if that wasn't bad enough, I did fire training in July & August! Very easy to pass out without warning.

Try to stay cool - and remember ... those ice packs can come in handy on the back of your neck.

Fyremandoug said...

I teased a Hot sweaty Northern Girl....Once

I ended up married to her....It really was worth it.

Epijunky said...

Fyreman... Dude... you made me choke on my soda. :)