A conversation with my three year old...

And the transcript for those who don't speak three year old...

She Who Rules: *GASP* See? *waves*
Epi: What's that?
She Who Rules: What?
Epi: What is that?
She Who Rules: What???
Epi: Did you hear that?
She Who Rules: *Gasps again* I see the bird!
Epi: Is it a bird?
She Who Rules: Yeah.
Epi: Is the sun in your eyes?
She Who Rules: Mom, look at it? See? Hot!
Epi: Be careful... Can you say "I Love You?"
She Who Rules: I love you.
Epi: I love you too, Sweetheart!
She Who Rules: What?
Epi: What???
She Who Rules: (Speaks three year old gibberish... All I know is she's laughing at me)
Epi: Yeah? What are you doing today?
She Who Rules: Nothin'
Epi: Are you playin'?
She Who Rules: Yeah...
Epi: Are you having fu--
She Who Rules: (Cutting me off) AIRPLANE!!!!!!!
Epi: What?
She Who Rules: (I dont know what she's saying here) I no see it! Airplane?
(Sound of train in the distance)
She Who Rules: (Shrieks) MOM CHOO CHOO!!!!!!
Epi: What is it???
She Who Rules: Mom Choo choo train... That's a choo choo train!
Epi: Where's the choo choo train?
She Who Rules: *gasps again and listens* Choo Choo train right there!
Epi: Where's it going?
She Who Rules: Nothing (this is her answer to just about everything she doesn't have an answer for)
Epi: Okay, say bye bye!
She Who Rules: Bye Bye!


Medic61 said...


Oh my god, she's adorable. When she freaked out about the Choo Choo...I nearly died laughing.

Anonymous said...

She is pretty cute...and god I love her hair!


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I just want to give her a big hug:)

You are truely blessed:)

Fyremandoug said...

Oh Epi that was just precious
I have had those conversations before when I was working out of town....they are the best