Non Princess Emily

There actually is an upside to working on a transport truck.

I know, I can't believe I'm typing that out.

The upside is getting to know your favorite "regulars". Those patients who for one reason or another you look forward to picking up, even if it's just to go to a scheduled appointment.

Emily has quickly become one of those patients.

Dispatcher: "Unit 19, One-Nine..."
McHottie: "Nineteen, go"
Dispatcher: "Unit 19, Got a run for you out of Local Ortho Clinic, taking them to a private residence on Wilson. I'm sending the page now.
McHottie: "Nineteen is clear on Ortho and enroute."

*BRRRRRRRRRRRRR* I jumped out of my skin at the noise.

McHottie was driving. "It's your pager vibrating against that pop can." (Yes, he reads minds as well ladies, what a catch!)

I read the details of the run to my partner. We're both familiar with the neighborhood the house is in... We grew up there. Steps outside, lots of steps. Not fun when you're carrying a stretcher with a patient on it.

"If there are that many stairs we'll use a stair chair or call for an assist. I'm not wrenching my back carrying a patient up a flight of stairs," McHottie said as he turned into the Local Ortho Clinic parking lot.

"Negative Ghostrider, the patient is in a full body cast. Looks like she's only 89 pounds though..." I set my pager down, grabbed two sets of gloves and headed to the back of the truck to get our cot out, McHottie was trudging into the lobby to try to locate our patient. It was getting close to the end of our shift and we were both moving at half speed.

I pull the cot out and begin to drag it towards the building... That's when I saw her for the first time. A young mother, she couldn't have been any older than 25, pushing a reclining wheelchair with a little girl, eight, maybe nine years old. The little girl was covered up in a Disney Princess fleece blanket to protect her from the biting wind. Mom wasn't even wearing a coat, she looked cold and tired. The little girl looked like she had just found the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's factory. Her eyes were huge and chestnut brown. Her smile positively infectious. She had gorgeous curly hair pulled up on top of her head in a pony tail.

Her mom spoke first. "Are you our ride?" She looked hopeful, shivering against the wind.

I get down on one knee and look at the little girl, a big smile on my face. "That depends, is this Princess Emily?"

"I'm NOT a Princess!!!!" She laughed so hard and for so long that I couldn't help but smile.

"Well we have it on good authority that you are, and your chariot awaits!" I motioned towards the ambulance. Her mother leaned towards me and whispered that the ambulance ride was Emily's favorite part of any Doctor's appointment. I nodded.

McHottie came out of the building looking defeated. He called over to me, "Hey, Epi... Our patient is MIA."

I pointed at Emily and smiled.

McHottie put on the charm. "I didn't even see you over here, I'm sorry... I'm McHottie, you must be our Princess!"

Emily and her Mom both laughed out loud... McHottie looked a little lost. Not something I'm used to, believe it or not. I explained that Emily had told me that she is "most definitely NOT a princess."

McHottie checked out her body cast. It was bright blue with half a dozen messages written from various people. He looked at Emily's Mom. "Do you have a marker?"

She whipped the marker out of her side pocket.

"Emily, can I sign your cast later on?"

"Yes you can!" I think she actually batted her eyelashes at him. She was GLOWING.

We loaded Non-Princess Emily into the back of the truck, McHottie was teching the run. I sat up front with Emily's Mom.

I couldn't hear most of the conversation during the transport, but I can tell you that Non Princess Emily laughed as hard as I have ever laughed during most of it.

I'm going to take a quick second to give my partner the props he deserves. For all the crap McHottie gives me, for all the teasing, for all the days where I want to attack him with my "glove-chucks", there is one thing that I will never deny him. This man is the BEST partner I've ever had. He's a PHENOMENAL EMT, and he's got an amazing bedside manner. His ability to develop a rapport with his patients is incredible. If any of you ever tell him I admitted that for the world to read I'll hunt you down.

We arrived at Emily's home just a few minutes later. Four steps leading from the street to the lawn, and four more to the front porch.

McHottie does the math, he can tell I'm doing the same. "Will you be okay, Epi?"

I survey the steps one last time. "Yeah... We'll be fine."

And we were fine... We carried Non Princess Emily up all eight stairs to her castle. And never broke a sweat. McHottie lifted her from the cot and placed her gently in her hospital bed in the living room. He raised the rails and cracked a few more jokes with her while I got the paperwork signed and started towards the door with the cot.

You know, it's amazing how tough kids can be. This little girl was in a BODY CAST for the entire summer and wasn't complaining about it. She impressed the hell out of both of us. We both hoped that if she had to be transferred again, we would be fortunate enough to draw that card. And we did... a few short weeks later.

***Which I'll write about tomorrow... It's late ya'll, have a good night.***


Rogue Medic said...

Patients like that change your whole perspective on the day, and pretty much everything else.

Maybe you should introduce her to someone with fibromyalgia and see if that helps.

Medic61 said...

Awww she sounds positively adorable! I love calls like that :)