I've got a post on the way... in the meantime:

Standing Out in the Sunlight (Epijunky 06-08)

Yes, I have naturally curly hair. Shirley Temple curly. Can you tell? :)

And for those of you still losing sleep over McHottie's NuvaRing pen... I gave it back. Unscathed.

New post later on.


Medic61 said...

Oh thank God, I was worried about that pen ;)

And p.s. I love your pictures. If mine didn't blow, I'd take to posting them too!

Can't wait to see what your inspiration brings.

~YBS (here on out stands for 'your blog sister'--just so you know haha!)

Epijunky said...

I've seen some of your pictures... What the hell are you talking about. Post them silly girl.