The Coffee Cup Meme...

Okay, since no one ever tags me to do anything (no worries, I'm not hurt or anything... Give me a minute... *sniiiiiiiffle*), I've self tagged myself.

The premise (for those of you unfamiliar with this one) is simple. Snap a picture of your favorite coffee cup and write a little bit about it.

Here it is... 24 blistering ounces of joy.

Thank Heaven for 7-11.

Coffee has been a part of my "getting ready for work" tradition for the last three years.

Shower, brush the teeth, hair, makeup, uniform, boots, coffee.

Any deviation from this results in disaster. Seriously, use your imagination.

Epi shows up to work happy and awake. Unfortunately she's still in her pj's and her hair is rivaling Don King.

Epi shows up to work looking fantastic, perfect hair and makeup, uniform pressed... Unfortunately she didn't get her coffee, so she shows up with an AK-47. Apparently I become a "raging bitch" (according to more than one of my past parters) when I don't have a significant amount of caffeine in the morning.

So I'm addicted, I'm afraid.

24 ounce cup, two splendas, two creamers. $1.29 when I have to pay for it, but more often than not it's free when I'm in uniform.

Good stuff.


Medic61 said...

Dude, I totally tag you for everything! cough, sputter :P

And ohhh man props to free coffee!

Stacey said...

I'll still take a $7 long island..

Epijunky said...


I totally forgot about that.

It was a good Long Island though :)

Stacey said...

that was the BEST long island I have ever had..

asthepumpturns said...

You get free coffee? Humph...well I tagged you.