A few of my favorite things...

While quickly skimming over some blog posts I came across this from Bernice... It got me thinking about the last time I sat down and really thought about what makes me happy.

Tackle hugs from my kids.

A clean house.

The feeling of sand between my toes and warm salt water rushing over my feet.

Actually hitting a target when I squeeze the trigger :)

My little ones saying "Please," and "Thank You," without prompting.

Downloading pictures from my camera and finding that they reflect what I was trying to catch when I snapped the shutter.

Standing next to my brother in church and trying not to laugh when he makes up lyrics to the polish hymns.

Stepping off of an airplane in a city I've never been to. (With the exception of Columbia, SC.)

Freshly cut grass.

Flying across my Dad's fields on a snowmobile.

Cute new shoes that don't kill my feet or make me obscenely tall.

A freshly painted room with no paint on the wood floors.

Reconnecting with people I thought were long lost.

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Bernice said...

Excellent list. Love it. :)