My last Extreme Makover Post... I promise!

This past Sunday I was invited to attend a party for the volunteers and their families.

I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go to be honest... I've been in a nasty funk lately that I've been trying to shake. The chance to meet up with some of the amazing people I volunteered with was too much of a draw.

Wow. Do they ever know how to put on a party.

Twin spotlights greeted us at the front door. The kids instantly lost their minds.

Then they saw the balloons. FC wasn't as excited as the little one was, but he was itching for one of those Bob The Builder construction hats.

There were blue shirts... Everywhere. I wore mine as well, over my underarmor... Hey, it was cold out. Really really cold.

The room was quickly filling up... All to see the Frisch family. Their kids were everywhere (well, there's a ton of them...), they were very gracious. I caught a glimpse of Aaron walking Jackie through the crowd. He had her arm the entire time. It made me smile to see that kind of love between a married couple.

We didn't stay for the show itself (it was getting a little late for the kids)...

She Who Rules refused to be photographed after having a very Diva moment. FC on the other hand was willing to allow me to snap one of him. He was bored out of his mind, but he kept quiet about it in exchange for popcorn and his gameboy.

In the end, a very tired and cranky Mom dragged her equally tired and cranky (and in FC's case, bored) children back to the car.

I did manage to reconnect with some friends, and that was nice. And it did make me feel good to see the recognition given to those who really built that house. I didn't swing a hammer or paint a wall, but there were hundreds who did. It was nice to see them get some attention.

Bravo to the organizers, ya'll did good.

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Bernice said...

I just wanted to say, I hear you on the funk thing. I know I am just some random crazy girl out in the blog world, but if you ever need to spout of an irrational (or rational) vent, shoot me an email. :)