November 5th.

It's November 5th.

The sun is out.

I'm in NW Ohio and I'm wearing shorts. 75 degrees outside. On November 5th.

Maybe I don't live in the wrong climate :) Now if I could find 75 degrees year round I'd be set.


Unknown said...

AL comes close. I'd say 60's or better for 80% of the year. Not perfect, but hey... what is, right?

Greybeard said...

Said the same thing many times Epi, and those that know say "San Diego".

Ambulance Driver said...

Yeah, but can you go jet skiing?

Because that's what I'll be doing with KatyBeth this weekend.

Neener neener neener.

.. said...

Weather that is 75 and sunny year round would make me little miss positive. I am dreading the winter and the dreary dark. :(

Anonymous said...

Ya GOTTA luv the 'Indian Summer' especially around the NE!!!
I know the feeling. :O