Every Mile A Memory...

Intersection of Delaware and Omaha: The first MVC I responded to as a Basic.

Cherryview Nursing Home: The first time I ever did compressions.

Suburbia Hospital: First and second body runs.

Mossing and Hill: MVC with a fatality.

Chesterfield Apartment Complex: Child Abuse case.

Meadowview Park; First time I was physically assaulted on the job.

Parking lot at St. Moneybags ER: First time I was assaulted on the job where it resulted in a scar.

Lincoln and the expressway: We rolled up on a car accident where the occupant been ejected.

Navarre and Moore: Second time I did compressions.

Regional Mall: Slip and fall patient. Broken fibula.

The Closet ER: First Fire and subsequent evacuation I've ever been a part of.

Ambulance Bay, St. Holy Hospital: First and only crowning baby (She delivered in the hallway inside!)

Twenty five feet away from the dispatch room at The Little Ambulance Service That Could: First time I had a gun drawn in front of me. Also the first time my partner saved my ass.

The side of the highway, ten miles into Michigan: I was puked on.

Two doors down from where I grew up: First time I transported a friend.

Gas Station around the corner from NC Station: Runaway I managed to convince to call her Mother.

The Same Gas Station as above: Domestic Violence run.

Alley behind Kroger's that I used to shop in: Patient having chest pain from Crack/Seroquel combo.

My Mom's next door neighbor: First time my Mom saw me on the job.

Ethnic festival downtown: First time a patient who I had transported recognized me and thanked me.


Have you ever felt like there isn't a place in the city where you haven't experienced something job related?


Anonymous said...

We've talked about this.

You have a lot in common with "The acronyms" and your stepdad. Talk to them. And talk to me.

I know you're all worked up. And hook a brother up for crying out fucking loud.

Epijunky said...

You're killing me you crackhead.

Anonymous said...

don't hate me. im just the messenger. you just need a backrub.

Carol said...

The first run? A SIDS baby - broke my heart. I was sick to my stomach for 3 days.

The last run? A 4 month old baby ejected from a pickup truck about 80 feet, still strapped in his little car seat, with the back of his skull missing.

Those two runs were almost exactly 17 years apart.

A lot of miles, and a lot of "firsts" in 17 years.

EE said...

I recently told a new recruit "and that's where a dude beat his wife with his prothestic leg..."