Shamelessly stolen from Idaho Kat. Go check her out!

Procure yourself a Defense attorney: (Depending on the charge, anywhere from 5K to 500K or more!)

The pimped out suit you wear to court: $100.00 (Given the suit in the video I'd say that's fair)

Defending yourself at said case: Free.

Faking a frickin' MI and having the Judge call you on it: FUCKING PRICELESS. Pardon the language.

I promise the video is worth it.


Fyremandoug said...

AD just posted and its about "the ballad" post

Anonymous said...

Looks like a vigorous sternal rub (or maybe a nipple twist?) is in order..

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed this one too :)

Anonymous said...

We had a FF's that were chronic malingerers. Seemed a nasal trumpet to "protect their airway" would cause an amazing recovery to sudden consciousness in one, the other played it out so well that students got the chance to lube it up and insert on the one.

overactive-imagination said...

I'm with the others.....I was thinking some sort of "medical intervention" would surely bring this poor pitiful back to consciousness.
Terrible acting abilities...he should keep his day job.