A quick conversation with my 3-year-old.

We're bouncing along in the truck heading towards the station where I left my change purse (and drivers license, and two credit cards, oh, yeah, and all of my cash). Little Bit is in the backseat strapped into her booster seat chattering to herself.


"What is it Sis?

"Mom! Motorcycle!!!" She's bouncing up and down in her booster seat, pointing excitedly out her window. "MO-TOE-PSYCHO!!!!!"

I look to the left to see what type of motorcycle she's referring to. Everything is a motorcycle to She Who Rules right now. Helicopters, big trucks, bicycles, ambulances, and yes, even motorcycles. This particular motorcycle happens to he a LCEMS Lifesquad. It's a monster. (One of those McCoy's with the Chevy chassis. They give me a serious case of truck envy). It's approaching from the left, code three and hauling as--- hauling booty.

Epi: "Where do you think they're going Sis?"

She Who Rules: "Uhm, I don't know."

Epi: "Do you think they're going to the hospital?"

SWR: *blank stare*

Epi: Okay, clearly we need to work on your vocabulary. "Do you think they're going to get someone who is sick?"

SWR: "Nooooooo" *giggle*

Epi: "Do you think they're going to get someone with an owwie?"

SWR: *hysterical laughter* "Nooo Mommy. You silly"

Epi: "Well little Missy, where are they going so fast?"

SWR: "TO EAT!!!!!"

Epi: *Snort followed by belly laughs* "Sweety..." *trying to breath* "Sis, I think they're taking care of someone with an owwie."


Epi: *wiping tears from my eyes* "Baby, you really think that they're going to get something to eat with all those lights and making so much noise?"

SWR: "Yes, they hungwee!"

Epi: "Okay, Sister, they probably are hungry. I'm sure they're going for cheeseburgers. Code Three, for cheeseburgers."

SWR: "CODE THWEEEE!!!!!" *More hysterical laughter*

Okay, so not to make light of Code Three driving or Toledo's Finest, but it was kind of cute.


Medic61 said...

Haha, oh my god, I'm dying. She is adorable.

And there have been nights where I've been begging my crew to go Code 3 to eat :P

Also...does every kid go through an "everything is a motorcycle" stage? My little god brother did that too!

Matt said...

She's like a mirror image of you.

Fyremandoug said...

My favorite use of the Old code 3


Epi thats a sweet lil girl

Evil Lunch Lady said...

LOL! What a cutie!!!!!

Medic 66 said...

If I got to drive Priority 1 (our local jargon for code 3...numbers are reversed) to pick up my food, SO many burritos that I called ahead for would have ended up in my belly instead of the trash (<-- at least I hope they do something better than that with the orders that don't get picked up)

www.myspace.com/lori911me said...

You know shes probably right, lol

EMS Chick said...

LOL That's too cute. I've wanted to go Priority 1 (our code 3) for a cheeseburger in the past