What's Your Joy?

Yes, I'm that geek.

I'm the geek that looked for things in the every day to take pictures of so that I could put together scrapbook pages documenting our lives. It was something that I found joy and took pride in. I still love the fact that someday my son will have these scrapbooks to share with his Wife and Children.

About the time that my Daughter was born (which coincides with the beginning of my EMS career, incidentally) all of a sudden I didn't have the spare time to spend on scrapbooking. I have literally THOUSANDS of pictures of my daughter, and have put together all of three pages for her scrapbook. I need to work on that. Eventually.

Okay, I'm babbling. I'm just thinking out loud through typed words because someone told me that I needed to "Find my joy" today.

My kids are my joy. They're the reason why I do everything I do. I haven't lost sight of that.

But outside of that, what, really, is my joy?

What's your joy?


Medic61 said...

Dude, I'm that geek too!

you get the idea.

My joy? When a little lady I was sticking (poorly) says "Oh, you have the most beautiful skin! You don't look like you even have pores!" And then she said, "Thank you, God bless you!" when I left, even though I sucked and had to stick her twice.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what mine is at this point to be completely honest with you.

Find your smile, I've seen it, but it's been awhile.

Maybe it's in the batting cage or in that monstrous purse you carry?

Epijunky said...

Sam: How in the HELL did I not know that you scrapbook?

Good Lord woman.

Matt: Shut up. :)