Okay, I get it.

Abby (She Who Rules) is CLEARLY not Three.



kvegas911 said...

Hello love! LOVE the new header! I sent you an email inviting you into the new, private space.

Medic61 said...

bahaha! I love the end. She's so freaking cute!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Maybe she knows more than us;) She's a real cutie!

NannyOgg said...

Ha! She is uber cute!

Sylvia actually is four now, and she tells everyone 'I used to be three!'

Thanks for sharing, I love the goodbye scene ^^


Epijunky said...


GIRL I'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU! (and I haven't gotten that email yet.)

Rogue Medic said...

I used to be three, but I was never that cute.