Epi: "I'm in desperate need of material, Matt. I mean... I'm trolling myself to see if there's a draft somewhere I forgot about. I'm on empty."

Matty: Have you considered going to bed?

Epi: Not even for a second.

Matty: Alright. Talk about what you know, then.

Epi: You want me to talk about dirty diapers and disappointment?

Matty: LOL yet ANOTHER great book title. You really need to find a publisher.

Epi: You're a lot of help ya know. I'm totally sticking my tongue out at you.

Matty: Or how about a blog about how you straighten your curly hair every day? Or you could ponder the benefits of raisin colored lip balms versus pink? Pink! There you are, you could do an entire post on why you love pink.

Epi: I hate you.

Matty: No you don't. You love me.

Epi: No. Clearly you're out of your mind.

Matty: I love you. Come on, admit it, you might like me a little bit. Maybe just a little bit???

Epi: Leave me alone. I am busy and important.

Matty: Okay, so write about how you're busy and important!

Epi: LMAO You're on crack, Matt.

Matty: I knew you loved me!


Anonymous said...

Epi, you are more desperate than I gave you credit for.

Because I know you will be editing my comment, let your readers know that I'm not nearly as dimwitted as I come across.

Epijunky said...

Other than our names I didnt' edit a damn thing and you know it :)

Just saying hon.

Laura said...

Thanks for taking the time from your busy and important life to share! I am truly grateful and bow to your graciousness (and straight hairedness [is that even a word?])

:o) Laura

Epijunky said...


Good Lord Girl. Are you related to Matt?

As far as for straight hairedness being in Websters, I doubt it, but it should be.

Anonymous said...

I have given up straightening mine until the damned humidity here calms down a bit. Spent forever doing it the other day, walked outside, and immediately had a fro. Wore it in a ponytail out of desparation!