No sleep for the stressed.

It's been three days since I've had a good night's sleep.

Hopefully that changes this weekend. I think it will. The alternative isn't pretty. Take this conversation between myself and McHottie as an example...And keep in mind that this is after three days with very little sleep...

Epi: (cracking open a chilled bottle of water courtesy of *major local healthcare system*) Mmmmm... Wait... EWWWW.

McHottie: This water leaves a strange aftertaste doesn't it? Like Very Inner City ER...

Epi: This water tastes like the ambulance bay at Very Inner City ER

Random person sitting and apparently listening to our conversation: Ya'll are tired, aren't you?

McHottie: Well, she is...

Epi: It tastes like the ashtray in the ambulance bay at Inner City ER....

McHottie: I get it. It's bad. (He caps his water bottle and stows it away under the head of the cot)

Random person: What time DO you start in the morning?

McHottie: Seven. We work ten hour shifts, seven to five.

Random person: I've been here since eight...

Epi: It tastes like---

McHottie cuts me off: I GET it.

I yawn and throw the bottle in the trash.

Yes, I realize that I need to get some sleep.

By the way, two hours later I was suggesting that we procure ourselves some kites to fly the next time we posted anywhere. And I was singing a song from Mary Poppins about doing the same.

I made sure the public wasn't involved this time. No worries.

Wish me luck on some sleep tonight :)

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