Today I managed to slice my hand open and simultaneously expose myself to grease, sweat, and countless diseases. Some are resistant to antibiotics, some not so much.

Today my Partner for the day offered to call in Lifeflight for the aforementioned cut while also telling me how Not hardcore I am.

Today I watched my partner for the day, and learned something about building a relationship with my patient. I was impressed.

Today we were called to the Home Office to talk to the EMS Director. My heart rate reached the level where adenosine would be appropriate.

Today I exhaled a very large sigh of relief when I learned it wasn't me that the EMS Director wanted to talk to. Sorry about being so giddy about that, Partner for the day.

Today I noticed that Partner for the day not only held doors for me, but also offered his hand when I it was my turn to climb out of the back of the squad.

Today I thanked him repeatedly. And he noticed.

Today I washed our squad with a weeks worth of dead bugs stuck to the front of it. And I sprayed myself in the face when I attempted to drench Partner for the Day. This supplied him with endless amusement.

Today I might have then lost my damn mind and turned the hose on him anyway for laughing.

Today Partner for the day decided to be patient.... before soaking me from head to toe with another hose.

Thank you, Partner for the Day.

I didn't save a life. I'm not even sure I made a difference in someone's life. But it was a good day regardless.

Today was a good day.


Fyremandoug said...

I was having a good day before I flipped my internal switch to asshole and pissed of the whole house

Epi you get cool points



Medic61 said...

Girrrrl, no more hand-slicing, please! Oy, vey everyone's worrying me out there :(

And this post was amazing. You rock.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Sounds like you are feeling better:) Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Between you, AD and me we could totally form a gang, a we-be-injuring-ourselves gang.

Take care!

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a good day...other than that slicing the hand thing, of course!

Take care!