Thanks AD...

I've been getting a shitload of traffic (and emails... and comments...) courtesy of AD pimping my blog.

Thank you, everyone. Everyone who commented and emailed me or found me through IM's... You've been almost entirely wonderfully supportive.

I initially wrote this because a friend told me it was a story that needed to be told (Yes, Matt, that's you). It was my first code. I've had a few more since then, thank God no one that I knew like Hilda, they've gone MUCH smoother.

It's still upsetting. They still make me nervous and shaky. But they've gone better. I'm able to focus and do what I'm supposed to do. I might cry afterwards, but at least I'm functioning during.

I want to thank AD for the mention. It means a lot coming from him, he's pretty much the reason I started writing again.

Thank you, AD.


Laura said...

Just popped over to say hi! You have another newly dedicated fan, thanks to AD's pimpin!

Lotsa Luv!

Anonymous said...

zeuzbI hope if I ever need an EMT it's you who comes to hold my hand


Kerwood said...

Hey Epi,

Did not know this is how you got started blogging. I think that is what you meant?

The codes get easier to deal with, not sure exactly where you are located, and how many calls you get in the way of volume, but it becomes routine. Though it is good to know you are human as well.

My first code was during training many years ago, and was secondary to heat stroke. He never made it and arrested as we were backing in to the ER bay. I always hated that.

I've never been much of a hand holder myself though. But comforting people can come in many forms.

Love the new look, keep it up. I'm going to have to email you one of these days.