365 Project - Day 12

Sometimes you need to know when to let your dreams go. I will probably never be a Paramedic. I hope that sooner or later I get used to that idea.


hilinda said...

I don't know, Epi. I'm not convinced you'll never do it.

Might not be until your kids are grown- but that will happen sooner than you can imagine.

Put your dream on a shelf for a while, sure. Re-evaluate whether it's really what you want, absolutely.

But if it IS what you want, don't give up.

Nikki said...

I've got faith in you, Epi; you love the job, and you're amazing at it. This is a calling of yours - that's obvious.

It's just that everything happens on its own schedule and, no matter how hard we try, we're powerless to speed it up, slow it down, or know what's coming next. And that part sucks.

(I have the big yellow one!)

Chris said...

I like how the Photographer's Handbook snuck into the photo!

Think the others have said everything else I was going to say

Laura said...

I'm voting with the rest of the crowd, Epi! It may not be on your time table, but NEVER, EVER give up on your dream!

Besides, when FC is in practice, he can pay for your schooling and support you as well!!


Ohio Fire/medic said...

Everyone has to have dreams. Don't give up on yours. If it's what you want and what God wants for you, then you will realize it. Hang in there. Maybe God has better things for you.

Epijunky said...

Okay, maybe I *will* do it. Eventually.

I should have been more specific.

I have to give up that dream for now. And that kinda breaks my heart.

Mac said...

Go epi, you can do it. But wait until you're ready and sure it's what you want.

I'm sure I can speak for everyone else in saying that we're pulling for ya :)