Extreme Home Makover - Toledo Edition

Just got verification that I'll be putting on a blue t-shirt and volunteering for two overnight shifts next week.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be building a home in Toledo next week. I'm sure I'll be signing a confidentiality statement of some sort and I've already been told that there will be no cameras or cell phones allowed on the building site, so I don't know how much I'll be able to share here... But I'm still stoked.

I needed a little pick me up. At least I'll feel like I'm doing some good for a family that deserves it.

And Ty? Even with the crazy ass hair, I wouldn't kick you out of bed in the morning.

Just sayin'.


Camryan said...

You lucky dog! :)

Laura said...

LOL - and I'd take your sloppy seconds!! That's way cool, Epi! Sounds like an awesome opportunity!


Ohio Fire/medic said...