White Bread.

BDU pants.


Freshly pressed random EMS shirt.

Check. Check.

Extremely eager and geeky EMT.

Triple check, baby.

Yes, folks, that's me. I've been reduced to being "that chick". That EMT. That person who is entirely too excited to be one of us on the job. The one that everyone is annoyed by. The one who is too green to be burned out, the one who lives for the tones to drop, the one you HATE.

At least I recognize it in myself. That's got to count for something, right?

I'm with that friend, the one I mentioned from basic school. The one who hates bugs but doesn't want anyone to know about it (sorry dear, had to say it! Payback is a bitch!) The one who refuses to be photographed unless he is covered in blood. The one who's ass I'm going to kick the next time I play in euchre and the one who is pissing himself right now at the prospect of being revealed by name. It's okay hon, all evidence of your existence has been removed from this blog.

For my part, I've been reduced to the position of observer. Third rider. As in, sure, check out the craziness that is the Detroit Metro area, but don't you dare touch a patient.

Okay then, fair enough. Hell I'm willing to scrub your toilets if you give me a job. Is it okay if I still wear some pretty purple gloves?

I'm assured it's more than okay. And oh, by the way, you're going to need to throw this on.

Fantastic. At least my boobs look like Pamela Anderson's. Mental note: If I get hired, I need to find one in an adult size. Or not, if there are boys in flight suits or turnout gear nearby. Hopefully I won't have to breathe.

Those of you who really know me know that I'm as white bread as they come.

I didn't get shot at, no one swung at me (hell, Ann Arbor's got ya beat there), but it was eye opening.

Inner city in NW Ohio does not equate to inner city in fucking Detroit.

For now, I'm going to bed.

More tomorrow including a routine dialysis transfer that was extremely routine, a trip to a prison that was anything but routine, what in the hell was he doing in a bar anyway, and bugs bugs and more bugs.

Yeah, I know, exciting. I know. /end sarcasm.


EE said...

"That person who is entirely too excited to be one of us on the job. The one that everyone is annoyed by. The one who is too green to be burned out, the one who lives for the tones to drop, the one you HATE."

Naw, I like that person. It's refreshing to see someone enjoy being an EMT. Makes me miss being that person, though. As long as they don't get my ass hurt/killed, I like them.

Bernice said...

I am waiting on the edge of my seat! No, seriously... I am.

lucy said...

Epi...I was drawn to your blog because of you enthusiasm and because I wanted to know more about a female EMT as that was what my daughter aspires to be.

You have never disappointed me no matter what the topic and you have made me believe that maybe just maybe it will be okay for my baby to be out in THAT world. I am so glad you are excited and are again doing what you love.

Congratulations girl!

Reise said...

I have always wondered what working in inner city detroit would be like, me being from west michigan, i have never ventured out that far. im interested to hear your stories about it!

JS said...

WHo are you riding with? I worked EMS in the city of detroit for years. I even worked for the detroit fire department for a while. Are you riding private or with a fire deprtment? I would love to know which one? Good luck, and its not as bad as everyone says. I did have my ambulance stolen at detroit recieving hospital once! true story. Good luck. JS

Medix311 said...

Good luck to you Epi. Hope that working in the big city is exciting and fun and every it's cracked up to be. By the way, I'm diggin the flack vest. Only thing that would make it better is if it said EMS or MEDIC or something else target inducing.

Be safe.

Doug said...

In the immortal words of Sgt. Esterhaus: Hey! Let's be careful out there.