365 Project - Day 17

"Mom? How come you put so many pictures of my sister up? Where are my pictures?"

Nothing gets past my 8-year-old. The truth is that right now I spend a lot more time with his sister because she's not in school and well, he is. He doesn't remember the first five years of his life when I spent every waking second with him. He doesn't realize that his smile can bring me out of the foulest mood. That his tears break my heart like no one elses. That even though his little sister is younger, he will always be my Baby.

From this point on, little guy, equal time for you. I promise.


Bernice said...

Tell him that he should be #3/4. There is a considerable decrease in the number of baby pictures in my family as you go down the line. Ha!

NannyOgg said...

Awww, he sounds like such a wonderful kiddo!


MaryFran said...

I'm 35 and I still like to give my mother grief about the fact that there are less pictures of me while there are TONS of my older brother. I'm just yanking her chain...because I know that I'm loved just as much, its' just the second child syndrome!