Extreme Makover Home Edition - Family revealed.

(Edited to add a little more information...)

Aaron Frisch, a Toledo Firefighter and Paramedic, his wife, Jackie Frisch, an Ordained Minister, and their 11 children, 8 of which have been adopted.

Aaron and his partner were attacked during the riots in the North End a few years ago. His ambulance was the one that was assaulted by rioters throwing bricks, injuring him and his partner.

His wife has some health problems, involving a hole in her heart. They haven't gotten very specific with more information yet.

They have 11 children, as I said. 13ABC just said that they are ALL boys. Five were adopted from Haiti, three from Toledo, and three are biological children.

Let me say that again. 11 kids, eight adopted, ALL boys.

Good Lord for that reason alone they deserve a new home.


Cheating Death said...

Hopefully they aren't screwed like many of the other families into a house that they can't afford to pay taxes on in years to come...

But jesus, 11 kids?!?!! 1 scares the hell out of me.... less that 5 months to get my game face on....

Chris said...

Damn right they deserve a new home.... in a mental institues! Who in their right minds would look after 11 kids? That's crazy!