365 Project - Day 20

"Mommaaaaaaaa?" My little girl was yelling from her car seat in the back of my less than trusty Kia.

"Yes Honey?"


My little princess is absolutely OBSESSED with trains. To the point where she loses her mind if we don't take the route that will put us at no less than three sets of tracks. God help me if I take a route that avoids a blocked train crossing.


Jesus BandAids said...

That's cute! Like my godson and fire stations! If he hears the siren, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Transport Lady said...

I miss the days before my kids curse at train crossing. It was a cool time:)

Nice pic :)

NannyOgg said...

awww, i love trains too ^^


Ambulance Mommy said...

like my little one and busses. If there is a school bus in a mile vicinity, he will find it!!